A Charity (the definition)

A charity is an non-profit organization. Instead of profit, these organizations aim to achieve social, enovironmental or societal goals.

The fact that you have been sent or forwarded to this page, isn't particularly good.

We believe companies, are companies.

This means:

  • They need (& want) to make money.
  • They can't offer you everything for free.
  • They can't sponsor you forever.
  • They don't let you sit ringside for a dime.

Ok. And what now?

Now you have two options.

Option 1 You embrace this, or;

Option 2 You hate this.

Fact is —and stays— it is a company.

You know you have to pay for quality. The choice is yours. Psss: Cheap, is expensive...

Ik ben geen stichting

Are you not a charity?

Send or link people/visitors/clients to You can use a hyphen (-) as a space.

Next, let everyone know you're not a charity, by sharing on Facebook and Twitter.

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